Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bits and pieces of the canvas gift.

Ahhh another week has passed by... feels like I am living from one weekend to the next... January... a busy month at work!

I did tell you about the canvas gift on Wed...
Father used to say... "Practice makes perfect!" so I am learning by lots of experimenting now...
Here are the details of the canvas gift...

With this one, I used the mists I got from G... But I think I got a bit too much paint on... was going for the minimalist look... just wanted something simple, so that the essence of the photo and title stood out...without being bold. And did I mention she loves Blue! That's why I added a little blue here and there... but making sure it isn't too overwhelming. And guess what ... its such a coincidence that Ed's challenge up on Liane's diary is on FAMILY!!! I have just posted it on their Gallery.

I will be working on the mini album for a friend this weekend. Looking forward to some quiet time... and of course, I am hoping to get OUT there... its been a long time since I spend Saturday OUT. Just the comfort of my jeans, makes my weekends, a weekend!I need that right now.

Have a great weekend everyone. {Be good to yourself.}
So go on, Scrap to your heart's desires!

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