Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Flubug and everything in between.

I survived a week of flu and fever...!
Its been very tiring fighting the flubug... still recuperating...just feel so weak...

I am thankful I managed to finish most of my workload... so that my weekends are free... and I can actually wear my jeans out... YES! its the simplest things that makes weekends a weekend! And I am glad and Grateful, to have a lucky slot for Leena's canvas/ layout class this Sunday... I am looking forward to learning, experimenting and forging new friendships!

As at now, I am jotting down notes, and sketching some cards... preparing for the craft lessons I will be teaching a few of the students... in coming weeks... So I'm cracking my brains thinking of ways to incorporate skills that are functional while making the cards...maybe doing some samples this weekend.

You know now I carry at least 2 different notebooks (and I really mean paper and pen) everywhere I go... just so that whenever I've got ideas popping out of my brains, I can quickly jot them down... it could be work, home, everything and anything...anywhere!!! oh I'm such a messy thinker! now How did I get that way... hmmmmmm...

Just a little Announcement! My Scrapbooking Supplies is having a draw soon for a free Cricut Cartridge! So do head down to their website and check it out!

The weekends are near... So scrap to your heart's desires!

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