Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Midweek Wednesday Book Reviews

Book Review #2

Title: Lifelines: Creating Memory Art To Chronicle Your Personal Connections
By Carol Wingert & Tena Sprenger

What I like about this book:
This book explores, the use of different mediums and intermediate techniques in scrapbooking and craft work. Some of the techniques mentioned are embossing on crafter's metal, working with melted wax and creating texture on canvas. I love how the authors used their personal stories to reach out to the readers...Its filled with step by step instructions, list of supplies needed and pictures- which makes it a whole lot easier to try out... It gives good insight to learning new mediums and their uses in scrapbooking... such as gum arabic, beeswax, gesso and linseed oil... There are so many good tips for readers! It also features works of famous artists like Celine Navarro and Heidi Swapp. However, some of the materials used are not so easy to find in Singapore... so you got to explore and experiment to see if you can substitute it with the Next best thing!

Where you can find this book:
Woodlands Regional Library (745.593 WIN-[REC])

This book gets a good 5/5 brads!!!!

Till then, Scrap to your heart's desires!


  1. Looks good. I'll have to add it to my list!

  2. must go find this book!! thanks for sharing!...

  3. if you guys do get your hands on the book... do share with me what you think of it... and I'll send you a RAK!!! :)