Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Story...

My home is a mess, and living in when its being renovated is the hardest thing. Coping with the noise, dirt, dust... having things shifted... CHANGE... Change is hard to do. But things were falling apart, so reassured my mother... Change has to take place now.

I have been in and out of bad days.
I can't say for sure I'm done with IT. But I am doing my best to cope with Life.

I want to share this canvas piece with you.

Again working with an old photograph. This is of my parents while they were already engaged to each other. I love the spontaneity of the photo. And the pink hue it had. Their friend snapped this...while My father was singing to my mother. Mother said she liked this photo best. So, I put this picture of them with the song from "The Story", because the meaning of the song is just so perfect for them. And they were made to share their life story together.

Thank you for dropping by.

Go on, Scrap to your heart's desires!


  1. Love the old photo sitting nicely on the yellow background.

  2. such a beautiful page. love the rub-ons, if that is what they are. gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for stopping by friends.
    Ana, thats actually a Hambly transparency...

  4. Your work is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. lovin all the hamblies there and your canvas project is gorgeous...and so special.

    ps. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the wonderful comments :)

  6. Beautiful layout here, Wirda! I always appreciate your attention to detail.


  7. your work is beautiful you have a lovely blog

  8. Very cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Gorgously done! U truly scrap to your heart's desire, love..