Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been taking alot of time away from life...
I feel extremely, emotionally tired.
Slept through the days, mostly.
My body and mind really needed This.

I was browsing some older photographs my late father took today. And the special thing about a photograph, is the connection you make with it. This, in my hand... was almost like a door to my father's dreams... and in touching it, seeing it, I felt with my heart why is it that he wanted to be a photographer. I closed my eyes and immersed myself into the photo, I could almost feel the stillness of the air in that picture, and the sunlight dancing across their faces... I could almost hear the gentle laughter they exchanged... I could almost, almost hear the stories I missed out on...

These photographs were all stories... and they yearn for someone to the things they don't say.
I was amazed with the discoveries I made today... He left a part of him here... and all the while I didn't see... and as I tracked myself back to reality... a tear trickled down my cheek... yes, I miss him.

I leave you with a song- The story... the lyrics is so meaningful to me...

Create stories. That matters most to you. Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. These photos are really precious.. Take care and enjoy these memories

  2. ooh lovely vintage photos! sometimes we just need to give our body time to rest, recover, recharge... the chinese quote saying... rest because to walk a longer road ahead!!
    thanks for taking time dropping by my blog... and I read your comments abt the HDB layout and other layouts tooo... im sorry one of your latest comment was accidentally deleted, not sure why, probably my email was a bit haywired!
    anyway, take lots of care of yrself yah!!! smiles:)