Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Midweek Wednesday Book Reviews

Book Review #4

Title: Modern Memory Keeper-A new approach to scrapbooking your family legacy.
By: Ronee Parsons

What I like about this book:

This book shouts out "...FRESH!..."
I mean we are all so used to seeing old photographs being scrapbook in a traditional or vintage layout... (which I am a fan of...) so this was a complete change from the typical ideas... in's sort of weird that the main subject of the photographs stood out even more... by scrapbooking them in a modern way...this book is filled with ideas... it's one of those books that makes you go..." I wanna try this..." and "I can't wait to try that!" This book also shares some tips on how to scan and restore damaged photographs by using digital tools....

Where you can find this book:
Woodlands Regional Library (745.593 PAR-[REC])

This book definitely gets 5/5 brads!!!!!

So what are you waiting for... come on... scrap to your heart's desires...

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