Friday, October 15, 2010

Tag albums for friends...

Life has been going downhill past weeks... so I have been busy staying positive... good thing we have a hobby like scrapbooking! *big grin*

And so I unwind by making some Tag albums for my friends...
First here... for a friend who is getting married in December...

And this one's for a friend who's been a good support system... really motherly and loving...

Have a beautiful weekend... Get Inspired... and may you Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. Very nice. I really like the simple elegance of these!! Well done!!

  2. What beatiful details on your tags. The stamping and misting gives them such a nicely vintage feel.

  3. sorry to hear that your week has not been good ...hugs!!!
    and those tags...awesome!!

  4. big hugs to you buddy.... take it easy eh...soon will past...xx

    Your tags are beautiful.. I love it ...just about everything...xx

  5. sorry to hear things are going downhill - hope they pick back up soon x in the meantime, well done on yet more beautiful creations. i really do love your style! x

  6. it's good to see your creative therapy at work here ! fun sweet alnums as gifts !!

  7. awesome tags and I love all the stamping and little2 embellishments...Thanks for sharing.

  8. how wonderful, so personal and a great keepsake

  9. oh dear, hope you are ok now. yup, no doubt about it, coz art is very therapeutic.
    your friends will love your tags album!
    Take care Wir.
    Peace n Luv