Monday, October 25, 2010


Life has given me the best of trials to Break me...and then make me Stronger.

I have been going through alot lately.

You know...the kind of things that brings you down...the kind that makes you feel like you did so much, and worked so hard...and yet, people around you makes you feel unappreciated. Its like you have fallen so hard, and you were just about to pick yourself up...and someone comes kicking you down again.
Pretty much like that.

Sometimes, you try so hard. But things are not meant to go your way. And you get lost. In all confusion, You come to a stand still. And you ask yourself... "Where do I go from here?"

Over at the BraveGirlsClub, Melody Ross had this to say, " do not let your weaknesses define you..."
and That just hit me hard... that I have actually been spending so much energy and time thinking of how lousy I feel... It is killing ME. What about all the good things I have done... and that I am capable of doing... what about all the people who do believe in me.

The bravegirlsclub inspired me to do this one. I found an old frame in the storeroom the other day, and it got me started on a couple of things. Little reminders to help me through.

I'm tired.
and my spirit is almost broken.
but Today, I brave on.

Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. YEs we are brave girls ! that's why some creative therapy always saves our sanity !!!Great results here I can see !!!

    I am soo challenged on a daily basis so I can remind you too - to "only fly with those who encourage you ! "
    ( gosh I have to scrap that sometime too , soon !

  2. I truly can feel how you felt and I am sorry to hear that. Its happened to me also but I woke up and I fight back, look at the brighter and positive side of it no matter what. God is great and fair and no matter what never give up. I wish I am there to comfort you and remember you are not alone.

    Anyway, nice work done by you again. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs, Yuzz

  3. Hey Wirda... that is one GORGEOUS creation of yours... you really take pride in what you do... its the simplicity that attract me...Bravo!!...

    Don't worry my luv.. This is the beauty of life... each setback make you stronger... don't bite... stand with pride... I trust you have the strength...if you need someone to ramble...shout at me... I'm here...

    take it easy... things happened for a reason... segala sesuatu terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya...


  4. Hi Wirda,

    People say when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. Sorry to hear what you are experiencing. Just remember that the difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.

    Take care, dear.

  5. so sad to read this... my thoughts are with you sweetie. but... brave on. you'll get through. and be stronger. x x x

  6. Beautiful project.

    Surround yourself with people that lift you up!

  7. stay strong and brave. you can do it. Or in the words of teens - you go, girl!

  8. I feel that way a lot. So hugs to you. beautiful projects you have here.

  9. To everyone who stopped, and listened...that meant so much to me. THANK YOU. Its beautiful how people so far away, and from all over the world are so kind...and offer such healing words in my time of need. I Appreciate YOU in my life.

    Go have yourselves a beautiful life.

  10. trust me Wir, i've been there! whatever it is, remember....its your Faith that keeps you strong my dear.
    Look at the glass as 'half full' not 'half empty'.... view problems as opportunities...
    hmmm....i think i need to make an art journal for you...
    you are brave my dear Wirda!

    Sending LOTSA Hugs!

  11. life is indeed a journey... a tough one. I totally feel you my dear... somedays, we just have to be patient and strong and hope that bad times will past. I find my peace and express myself with crafting ...