Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini books Inspired.

I slept at almost 2pm last night... it almost seemed like a scrapbook marathon for me... cause I started at 5pm... working on 2 mini books and a card. I know I will be absolutely busy in a couple of days, with my cousin's wedding around the corner...

So, I have to share this...

I have been reading a book by Ali Edwards, which I got from Wati's garage... the best buy in the last 6 months!!!

I got Inspired...as she shared some ideas on how to make your own mini book... One that is simple to do and I adore is creating a basic accordion- style book...by just dividing a piece of cardstock in thirds! So I made this... for a special someone who actually got me started on the whole scrapbook hobby.

I also attached some tags to make space for journaling... I think the pamphlet-like look is also easy on the eyes...

And now a little sneak at the card I made for someone...

still in progress cause I need to put some pictures into This one.

Thank you for stopping by...
Its a beautiful rainy morning...
Scrap to your heart's desires!


  1. Wonderful creations, hop to my blog whenever you free. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Yuzz

  2. Salam Dik Wirda!! heee...
    waaah...lovely creations. miss out some of your posts! hey, Thanks for the 'shout-out', and i'm really happy that you're inspired!
    its really great that Popular sell manila tags yeah. i'm soooo into the tags also!
    your accordian album are awesome. Hmmm....must try find that 'Ali Edwards' book too! I need to learn more about scrapbooking.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi hi.. is has been a while to see your work and hear from you... hows holiday so far? do take care ok.

    I love the background of the mini book.. nice nice.. :)

  4. Hi Blossominch, YES I did visit your blog... will be back soon! thank you soo much for stopping by... Wish I knew your name!

    Salam kak July,
    Hey nice to hear frm you...you know I can always lend you the book... :) thanks for the inspiration... I got my tags frm Big bookshop at clementi, had no idea Popular has it!

    Greetings G! Hey how are you... one thing abt holidays is that its never enough! Hehe. But im glad to start work soon...brain is slowly decomposing... haha! Wishing all the best in your new job!!! :D cheers!

  5. yes, easy on the eyes and wonderful art!

  6. Salam to u. I love all of ur work and i believe you're an artist at heart. I'm sure u love canvas n paint! Amazing job on the mini book. Such an inspiring idea..:)

  7. Hi there, thank you so much kak Amelia, i am honored by the fact that my creations can inspire others.
    The thing is I never am an artsy person. Never loved canvas and paint. But scrapbooking did something to me. :)

  8. wow wow wow...

    I totally am a fan!!!... one day.. i should meet you...

    your works...inspirational !