Monday, February 21, 2011

Where old meets new and new meets old.

Making meaningful art and deco with old and unused things... This is one of the things I enjoy...

... I enjoy decoupage work. Above is a metal gift box which I painted and decoupage with Tim Holt's patterned paper... It now holds some of my makeup on my dressing table.

And here's a piece from a broken frame... I painted it brown and lightly highlighted the edges with gesso to create a worn out look and added the tag for a little personality.

Hope you enjoyed that...
Create art, and Scrap to your Heart's desires!


  1. cool! OMG love the butterflies in the jar!

  2. so awesome. that box is way cool.

  3. Hey sweetie.. its been ages... what are you up to??? ALL good... cool projects as always... love em... very inspiring!...hugs..xoxo

  4. Dear, you are so talented!! Love your work!! And I adore that gorgeous metal box!! :)

  5. Awesome! loving the box :)
    I've nominated you for the stylish Blogger Award come check it out

  6. Salam,
    You are having a cute blog also,MashaAllah..keep it up your nice work
    Thanks for writing sweet words on my blog,i will like to follow your blog now