Sunday, February 20, 2011


Dear friends...

kindly read this one...cause I don't want it to happen to you...
I have been sick for more than a month now... been having bad migraines that sometimes last for days even with medication... pain in jaw and face...been in such discomfort... been suffering in silence.

I have not been scrapbooking for some time now, because of Sinusitis. I am very sure now that its a reaction to the mold found on my scrapbook items and supplies...

Seriously in this part of the country, where its all humid...I wonder if any of you out there have experienced this... I Do. I have never seen anyone complain about having mold issues on their scrapbooks, art deco and all their supplies so far... so pls share... I found this article so far and it has helped... a MUST READ.

It has been quite a challenging task to get rid of the mold. I didn't see this coming cause I really enjoy cleaning, and sanitizing my room, washing all the upholstery...weekly... but I forgot about the huge bulk of paper and wooden products in my room. I usually clean them by vacuuming areas where I can if dust collect...
Maybe it was the recent rainy season in December and last month that started the mold.

And so, its been a pain. But I will survive.
Just staying away from scrapbooking abit until Im better.

But for all YOU out there...
Scrap to your Heart's desires...


  1. Oh, Wirda... how terrible that something so meaningful and FUN has made you so sick. I hope you are feeling fabulous again soon!

  2. Hope you'll get well soon! (:

  3. oh no! i hope you haven't lost too much in terms of creations... stash can be replaced... most important is your health. i feel for you - i know what sinusitis feels like x

  4. oh my goodness. Thank you for sharing. I live in Malaysia where is super hot and humid too.

    I didnt know such a thing exist in scrapbooking, especially when its all acid free. Oh dear, I sure hope u're feeling better and will be crafting soon. Thank you again for the awareness!!!


  5. Oh my, sorry to hear this, Wirda!! Really hope your condition is not that bad. I didn't now about this at all, thanks for sharing. Get better soon, yeah!! Take care! xoxo.

  6. Take care pal.. I am missing you...

  7. Hi Wirda,

    Thank you for sharing this article! :) I wish you well ya, take care


  8. Thank you to everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes...
    the mold did destroy some of the stuffs i made... 1 of the only sure way of killing e mold was to apply vinegar...and that I know would damage the stuffs i had.

  9. get well soon dear and take care. Hugs

  10. Oh that sounds awful. Hope you are feeling better now. I had the flu for and just slept most the week away. Can't imagine how horrible to be sick for a month or more.