Monday, March 7, 2011

come away with me...

This is how Saturday mornings look like from my window.

And this is how it looks from bed...

For the past days, Ive been in bed, outta shape. And as I watch the sun rise... I yearn for a better day ahead...
My mind is soo exhausted from thinking, and working... mentally drained... flu, fever, migraines... I am worn out.

Do you like this? Its a broken frame... I painted it blue...and then had decoupage its glass frame with {yours truly}, Modpodge on a thin almost tissue like art paper... It has the words stamped..."come away with me, spread your wings..." on it...
The birds and words inspires me so I keep it around on display.

Thank you for dropping by...and thank you to the readers who have send me heaps of well wishes... really, THANK YOU.
Till then, Scrap to your Heart's desires...


  1. I hope you get better soon girl!! This frame is gorgeous!
    Good Wishes to you!

  2. take care and good to hear from you again. Nice altered frame ha...

  3. Get well soon ya.Loads of water and loads of sleep. I'm missing your crafty updates. And your altered frame is simply beautiful!!


  4. Get well soon, dear! Sorry to hear about your condition. This altered frame is very pretty!! Your artwork is very unique. Love them always. Take care, Wirda!! xoxo.

    *Tq for your comment on my blog :)

  5. This is beautiful really love mod piodge ar babe..I shd try using mine before it dries out..hehe.. :P