Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One on the Animal Shelter...

Wanted to share this layout...

We visited an animal shelter last month... we love animals...and cats so... the trip was a real eye opener to the alarming number of strays that these people rescue everyday...

They greeted us with so much love and affection... They were screaming for attention and some was sad to see how some of them had been injured from animal abuse... certainly makes me wanna adopt a cat in the future...

Pets and animals...they really connect to us in a special way...and they sure are special... and that is why I am so blessed to come home to these two...

Scrap to your Heart's desires...


  1. :-D tee hee! our dog came from a shelter. they found him on the street and took him in. I was really disturbed by the number of abandoned animals there. people can be so senseless. x

  2. Hey Wirda... how u??? love to see your layout...very creative and artistic too... good to see you smile again... xo

  3. lovely LO babe.. :))
    very artsy fartsy!! Love it! :))
    and what a cutie for a pet!! :))

    PS: I love cats too.I have 5 at home!! :))

  4. Cute LO! Love the birdcage!

    Warm Wishes

  5. are the new pets guinea pigs? :P cos i love gerbils like hamsters, guinea pigs and also rabbits... they are just too cute... and your layout is simply put in 2 words : Simple and Nice ;)

  6. So sweet!! I just love anamils!! Our dog is a rescue pup and he is just so sweet and loving!! He was a year old when we got him and we've had him 8 years now!! When I think that someone abused him, I want to hunt them down and give them a piece of my mind. I hope they never own another animal ever!!

  7. So sweet of you to adopt from the shelter. My Bun Bun and previous cats were all strays taken in. Wishing you a wonderfully creative year ahead !

  8. Hi everyone, warm wishes...
    those 2 are my guinea pigs, not new and not adopted frm the shelter... i have had them for almost 5yrs now :D
    Nice to hear frm so many animal lovers and your experiences about your pets...
    Keep in touch!