Sunday, April 11, 2010

...Thank you for the blog awards...

My Friends, Ana and Terria at 'My Scrapbooking Supplies' have so generously shared their blog awards with me... so its time to pass it on. THANK YOU DEARIES...

Ana awarded me with Ms Brightside award... Do check out her work... it has been wonderful working with her...and I need to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and pass this award on to 5 fellow bloggers.

And so... 10 things that makes me random order...

1. Family
2. Love
3. My pet guinea pigs
4. Children and teenagers I work with
5. Quiet time with God
6. Scrapbooking
7. Pay day
8. Feel good songs
9. Rainy days
10. Weekends

5 pieces of trivia about myself...

1. I eat alot when I am stressed out
2. I enjoy cleaning the house
3. I want to further my studies in the disability sector.
4. I live by the quote, " Everything happens for a reason."
5. I am so looking forward to married life... with children.

Now to pass this on to 5 blogging friends that I would like to share this with. Go visit them :)


The next award is the Beautiful Blogger award from Terria... do check out her blog... I cherish the friendship that we made on MSS.

As part of this award I have to share 10 things about me...and pass it on to 10 blog friends...

1. My favourite colours are black, grey and brown.
2. I don't drink milk
3. I enjoy listening to GOLD FM on the radio
4. I like collaborated movies from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
5. I enjoy listening to my guinea pigs cooing when I stroke them in my arms, soo therapeutic!
6. I am working towards marriage now more than ever
7. Having quality time with my family completes my week
8. I enjoy being silly with my students- they have a good laugh at me!
9. I started scrapbooking because of my father
10. If I don' get at least 7hrs of sleep... I'll be all moody the next day.

And the 10 people I wanna pass this award to is...

Sasha Farina

Thanks for visiting...
Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. Wow... Thanks for sharing the awards with me :)

  2. Salam Wirda, hey, i saw my name too! Alhamdulillah, Thank you so much for including me! Strongly agree with you bout the 'quiet time with GOD'!
    Thanks again Wirda, God Bless!;-)

  3. I'm here visiting and see you gave me an award. Thank you.

  4. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the weekly Inspirations and sharing.

  5. weeee...thank you for the award!
    sorry that i'm late to reply this,too busy with my studies..;p
    will try to blog about this.thanks again =)