Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Starting anew...

And with that, I said Goodbye to the bedroom and scrap area I "built" for the past 2 years. Something my sister calls..." Lala Land"... Packed most of it away in my box. Cause Im "moving" down a room away :) in a few months. Cause I am getting Married! All praise to Allah. And No, its not the end of scrapbooking for me... :)

I am enjoying the process of putting things together all over again... in the new room... got my paint color and I am loving it... I am halfway through painting.

A beautiful shade of turquoise blue.

Been highly inspired by all these home decoration magazines...what I enjoy most is filling up a journal I made to record down all the things going on in the last 12 months before I marry...which I will update about soon.

Thank you for visiting...
Till then, scrap to your Heart's desires...


  1. Lovely what you have created for your sister and I can't wait to move in to my new studio. Have fun painting, re-organizing your new room.


  2. good luck in your new space and new life! come back to blogland soon :-) x

  3. Hello,
    just came across your website and it's really inspiring and interesting. And your creations are stunning!
    I actually went to your scrapper's crave site and found out that your blog has been moved. So can I sill purchase things on SC or is there somewhere in this new site that i can purchase things still? How does it all work?

    hear from you soon!