Saturday, May 21, 2011

Healing my soul.

I had spent days...watching the leaves fall...fall onto the ground... and then,watch flowers... flowers growing after that...

I went through such a harsh time past 6 months... yes harsh not hard... it almost broke my spirit, but I kept thinking about how much I have grown and how blessed I am... I thank God.
I want to say Thank You to each and everyone of you who came by and dropped me a line or a text and wished me well...
I am good, thank much.

I am finding so much comfort right now... just learning to relax, and letting go, yes letting go of things beyond my control.

Healing my soul.

I will be back again real soon...till then,
Scrap to your Heart's desires...


  1. hugs x happy to hear you're on the mend and that you are finding solace in things that will help heal you x

  2. Hi Wirda, glad to know that you are back in good shape. Certain things are just worth being let go ;p Hope you are really feeling good now. Take care, dear!! xoxo.