Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 lil' note...

wake up... be grateful for the life within you... have joy... the good and sad times you have gone through, the ones that hurt you and delight you... be grateful for the Love you have, it maybe the family you come home to... it maybe your husband, your aunt, a neighbour... Be grateful that there is still life within you, to make positive changes, to make a difference in other's lives, to smile, and make others smile with you, to inspire... Be grateful there are so many more wonderful experiences to look forward to...
Today is a beautiful day.
Wake up
and celebrate Life!
Hope everyone is enjoying 2011...


  1. hey there. I was thinking about you the other day and realized you hadn't posted any blog updates in a while. hope you are ok.

  2. Love the simplicity!!
    Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each day and those you love!!

  3. very nice photo taken!!! loving it

  4. Hey girl!
    I hope you are doing ok! it has been a while since I blogged something, keep in touch!
    P.S lovee the pic and the sweet note :)

  5. Salam Wir,
    how are you?? hope that everythings going well with you and family.
    Hope to see more 'art' from you yeah.
    Be brave and keep on smiling;)