Saturday, September 4, 2010

A little bump on the road.

Inspiration is waiting to happen...

It just takes an open heart to see beauty in simple things, in imperfections. Like looking at this wilting rose... even in its dying days, it still looks beautiful.

I've been pondering alot much to think about...too much to worry... so I'm letting go. And just...
Pray for better days to come.

To everyone out there...Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. Yes darling..insyallah....better days will come...Juz keep on believing.. :)
    And inspiration will hit you and you will be surprise when it does.. :)
    Selamat sahur yer..hehehehehe.. :)

  2. lovely photos x hope you're OK! inspiration will come back, as long as you're not looking for it x turn the other way and it'll sneak up behind you x

  3. You are such a good photographer!! Excellent pictures!! As my mom would say, "keep your chin up!!"

  4. Hi Wirda,

    Hope you are doing well there. Here's wishing you a happy, beautiful and blessed Eid. Take care. I am loving all your stuff here :)


  5. You have such lovely stuff, hope inspiration comes soon and you feel better.

  6. Selamat Hari Raya ! :) Have an joyous holiday~

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming by and sending some love and kind words here... im ok... just going through a lil something... I felt a lil hopeless...but now Im better. I know Life is like a wheel...sometimes, we'll be down... other times up... for whatever, I must have faith and hope to go on.

    A *hug* back to all of you.