Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lost memories of Father.

I started on another mini album last Wednesday.I wanted to create a collaborative book this time... According to Ali Edwards, in her book- Sharing your story... Collaborative books include others opinions, views, and feelings... it is something you can create together with family members or friends...

I really wanted to make a book about Father. Especially a book detailing part before and part after cancer. I think it is an important process for all of my family members to add something into the page... so that we can have a fuller and more complete picture of what happened... so that we can remember him together... I think we all need something like this... to help us cope with someone's passing.

Initially, this was how the album started...

I added a pocket to this book, so that we can keep some items that reminds us of him safely. This pocket was created from Donna Salazar's Crafty Chronicle that I won from Scrapoholics some weeks ago.

We have been spending these few days talking about Father... and asking each other questions to fill up this book... Its going great. The mini book is divided into 3 parts- First part documenting fond memories of him, and of how he battled cancer, second part, the pocket, and thirdly, pages where each of us will journal about him.

I think in scrapbooking, its important to create something meaningful for ourselves, and that the process of creating from the heart should always be the ultimate outcome.
Thank you for visiting...scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. Amazing idea, Wirda. I should do something like this with my sisters about our dad!

  2. Sorry bout your dad~... but it's a meaningful thing to be able to keep memories of someone you love and cherish, i think scrapbooking & journaling helps retain memories of ppl dearest to us...

  3. You are totally right - the creative process of course should come from the heart. i think it is a beautiful thing to do, and probably difficult sometimes, but you'll be able to cherish both the contents and the work behind the book for years to come. Also - you're very talented! :-)

  4. you have amazing talent --how wonderful to use it to preserve these special memories.

  5. What a great way to store the precious memories of your father!! Great album!! I am sure there will be many thoughts to be filled in that pretty album :)

  6. wow... amazing brilliant idea...totally this Wirda... really great album...xx

  7. what you did here and that 8"x8" layout on the canvas board are truly awesome with very deep meanings and thoughts behind it all.
    i'm sorry about your dad....Al Fatehah...
    Wir, thanks for your offer to lend me your book, so kind of you. Anytime my dear (when you're free yeah)
    Much Love

  8. hi wirda.thna for dropping by at my blog.sorry bout ur father.this post really inspired me to do the same thing about my father, who died becoz of asthma 23 yrs ago.n ur mini was totally it to the bits.

  9. Warm greetings to everyone... Thank you for stopping by and reading this post... I appreciate it.. that means alot to me. *hugs*

  10. amazing the idea and thanks for the inspiration. I want to do one and give you credit ok? but if I am free la...


  11. great idea wirda, love it...