Sunday, May 9, 2010

The many ponders and pauses...

A warm mother's day to all... Hope you had a beautiful celebration...

In my mother's words... "Mother's day is any day that a mother feels appreciated by her children..." And this mother's day somehow feels more soulful to me...looking at my mother, realizing that she is aging... having to come to terms with my father's death and knowing that this makes her a very lonely being. I am also sadden by the news of a close friend's mother falling very ill. You know...very often, when we least expect it... things happen...and it changes the very course of our lives.

People around us...they each have their own mountains to conquer... own trials... obstacles... own set of difficulties to face... No matter... we always have to survive, and be brave. No matter... we have to cherish and be grateful for what we have.

Below is a canvas project using different distressing methods. I love the coat of distressed powder I used... cause I am in love with the richness of Burgundy... and of course, I have always been in love with this picture.

Thank you for dropping by... I have been busy... But I am looking forward to visit the many blog friends I have... soon... and catch up on their scrapbooking adventures! Miss reading up!

Scrap to your heart's desires...


  1. What a lovely Work!!!..Such a great color combination... !!! Love it... Awesome

  2. Love the clustering at the top of the canvas & that is a beautiful photo! What a beautiful canvas

  3. This is beautiful Wirda! I am sure your mother just loved it! It is such a great picture of your partents....looks like something out a a magazine. Hope you had a nice time with your mom.

    I wonder what happened to our DT??? I am so sad that we don't get to do it! We need to stay in touch!
    Have a great week!


  4. salam Wirda, your mum's blessed to have a daughter like you. sorry to hear bout your dad, the reality of life is very painful at times, and totally agree wif u that we hv to survive, cherish and be grateful for what we hv.
    luv that u used black n white photos and layouts on canvas, something that i'm also hooked on!!! hees...

    Take care.;-)

  5. What a beautiful composition, Wirda! I especially like the treatment across the top.